HDFS trained basketball player Cameron Whitmore a standout at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine in Las Vegas, NV 2018

John Lucas International Middle School Combine (IMSC)
Las Vegas, NV
May 12 – 13, 2018

Friday May 11, 2018

830a - Left home

900a - at breakfast at Panera Bread

945a - arrive at airport parking and took shuttle to airport

1000a - walked through security and waited with my dad for departure

1035a - boarded the plane

1100a - departed for Hartford CT first layover same plane

1200a - arrived to CT. had enough time to grab something to eat from McDonalds then got back on plane

1235a - departed to Vegas

340p - arrived to Vegas safely

First time in Las Vegas, the time difference is 3 hours behind Maryland

355p - picked up luggage and headed to the shuttle to pick up rental car from Hertz

415p - arrived to Hertz. my dad was able to upgrade to a Chrysler 300. the hotel is only 10 mins from the airport

425p - Arrived to Courtyard Marriott and checked in

600p - at dinner at TGIF

700p - arrived back to room to work on homework since missed school today

900p - left hotel to site see for a little while. my dad and I drove through the Vegas strip. Then we parked to go inside a couple of hotels. The first hotel was New York New York. The main attraction in this hotel was the statue of liberty and the inside roller coaster the circled the outside of the hotel. The second hotel we went inside was the MGM where they host some of the major sporting events like boxing. The main attraction was the tigers, but they are no longer there. We walked outside and my dad took pictures of me standing in front of each hotel.

1000p - arrived back to the hotel and went to sleep


Saturday May 12, 2018

800a - woke up

900a - ate breakfast

1045a - arrived to American Heritage Academy where the John Lucas IMSC is held to check-in


1100a - Camp Start with warm up drills (see videos)

1200p - OPENING Remarks: John Lucas Jr (see picture)


SPEAKER Van Coleman from Future Stars. Van Coleman said a player should have 3 basketball goals 1) learn how to play hard 2) become the best shooter; be able to make 80% uncontested shots 3) be able to handle the ball with both hands


1230p - 1st round of drills (see videos)

200p - BREAK

230p - 2nd round of drills: application of drills 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4 (see videos)

400p - SPEAKER: Nate Robinson (11-year NBA player and 3-time slam dunk champion) (see picture)


430p - Dinner was catered. They set up tables on the gym floor for us to eat dinner.

545p - Games. The format of the games were 5 min games. My dad did the best he could with taking stats…


800p - Camp Ended. My dad and I went to get something to eat from Sonic

900p - arrived back to the hotel and I completed English homework.

1000p - went to bed

Sunday May 13, 2018

645a - woke up and ate breakfast

730a - Camp start with warm up drills (see video)

800a - John Lucas demonstrated spacing

930a - Games. The format of the games were 5 min games


1100a - camp ended. Received evaluations from coach. And received cap t-shirt

1130a - went to get something to eat

100p - arrived back to hotel and checked out

330p - drop off rental car then went to airport

430p - departed Vegas straight flight back home

Monday May 14, 2018

1230a - arrived to BWI airport. We arrived late due to severe weather and thunderstorms in the area

1250a - picked up luggage. caught shuttle to parking lot. Got in car to go home. stopped at McDonalds to eat

215a - arrived home

230a - finished up homework

330a - went to bed. I still had to go to school because I had a social studies test, but my dad said I could miss 1st period since it was advisory.

Competition: The competition was decent. There was some skilled ball handlers and shooters. I enjoyed

going up against the taller players especially the tall lanky kids. I could deal with them and stop them
easily from scoring.

Environment: I saw people with cameras, AAU coaches, scouts, and a lot of parents. At the gym there
were 5 courts for skills and drills, and 1 used for conditioning. There were two speakers: Nate Robinson
and John Lucas III who spoke about conditioning and how to play at the elite level.

Coaches: Most of the coaches played basketball before and know what they expected from the players.
The coaches made sure you didn’t take no plays off. They knew what they were talking about. Also, they
ensured you worked hard until we dropped, but wanted us to succeed in the game.

My expectations were to play hard and have fun. I wanted coaches, scouts, and the famous basketball
players to notice me work hard. Also, I expected everyone I played against to be in same grade as I, not
1 or 2 grades behind me, because I wanted to compete against the best. I went into the camp with a
point guard mentality. And all of the games I played in I was the point guard.



1) 6'0 8th Grader Sterling "Scott" Henderson from Woodstock, GA
2) 6'3 8th Grader Cameron Whitmore from Odenton, MD

In sharp contrast, it was a lot more difficult to separate 6'3 8th Grader Cameron Whitmore from Odenton,
MD, 6'5 8th Grader Damonze Woods from Amarillo, TX, 6'3 7th Grader Corey Kelley from Houston, TX,
and 6'5 7th Grader Elijah Fisher from Oshawa, ON, who check in at the #2, #3, #4, and #5 spots on our list
below and bring a lot of different things to the table. However, in the final analysis, we give the nod to
Whitmore based on his natural talent and the fact that he has the versatility and athleticism necessary to
play both inside and outside and the body control, explosiveness, and moves necessary to be a tough
match-up when he attacks the rim. He's really more of a slasher and then a shooter, but we also liked his
competitive edge, take charge mentality, and the way he gets after it on the boards


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