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Health Benefits

The fact that basketball involves a lot of sprinting, jumping, and stopping, while not renowned as an aerobic sport, makes it a great workout for kid of all ages. Some benefits include: burning of calories, 630-750 per hours; improving coordination in young athletes; building endurance; Developing concentration and self-discipline; and improve muscle development.


Childhood obesity is now the No. 1 health concern among parents in the United States, topping drug abuse and smoking

Among American children ages 2–19, the following are overweight or obese, using the 95th percentile or higher of body mass index (BMI) values on the CDC growth chart:

For non-Hispanic whites, 31.9 percent of males and 29.5 percent of females.

For non-Hispanic blacks, 30.8 percent of males and 39.2 percent of females.

For Mexican Americans, 40.8 percent of males and 35.0 percent of females.

Strengthening Existing Abilities

"Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating Kids habits and physical inactivity, we may see the first generation that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents."

The purpose of the Hoops for Healthy Kids program is to provide youth of all abilities and skill levels an opportunity to develop concentration, self-discipline, social skills, and improved cardiovascular health.

Preventing youth injuries with Plyometrics

Athletes can reduce their risk of ACL injuries by performing training drills that require balance, power and agility. Adding plyometric exercises, such as jumping, and balance drills helps improve neuromuscular conditioning and muscular reactions and ultimately shows a decrease in the risk of ACL injury. Plyometric exercises are an integral part of our drills for skills basketball camps and training programs. Many team physicians now routinely recommend an ACL conditioning program, especially for their female players.

  • Increased Muscle Strength

  • Increased Muscle Power

  • Improved Balance

  • Enhanced Agility

  • Increased Speed

  • Enhanced Sports Performance

Getting the most out of regular kids activities

Flexibility exercises to slowly stretch muscles and tendons

Building Endurance

  • With a clear goal in hand, and a well designed plan to get kids moving by running, jumping, dribbling, and shooting our program really works the heart and lungs

  • Strengthen muscles, increasing flexibility, and enhancing your ability to burn calories

  • Increasing Speed and Agility

Improve Coordination

  • Kids can see great improvement in their coordination among the hands, eyes, feet, legs and arms when they participate in basketball hoop drills.

  • This will allow kids to overcome their fear of physical activities which can developed during the early stages of "clumsiness" many youth experience during their childhood.

Develop Concentration

  • Develop social skills, great for helping shy children

  • create bonds and build friendships.

  • Focus on the importance of team work and communication Childhood obesity is now the No. 1 health

Activity for Children

Nationwide, 23.1% of adolescents were inactive during the previous 7 days, they did not participate in ≥60 minutes of any kind of PA that increased their heart rate and made them breathe hard on any 1 of the previous 7 days.

Source of data:
American Heart Association


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